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Bonds certified Low Voltage Contractor businesses qualify for lower commercial insurance rates with Montana Central.

Did you know that Montana Central offers a discounted commercial insurance rate to businesses that are Bonds certified? Well, it’s true.

Why Are We Offering You a Discount on Your Commercial Insurance?

Here's the truth…your business poses a much lower risk to insurance companies. You've been through the Bonds certification process – meaning your employees have had a thorough background investigation by a licensed private investigator and each of your employees has been certified as completely crime-free. That’s a big deal and something you should be recognized for.

It is proven that Bonds certified businesses have fewer insurance claims filed against them. In other words, you are the ideal client!

If That is True, Why Isn’t My Current Insurance Company Offering Me the Discount I Deserve?

Maybe it's because they don't have to. If no one offers companies, like yours, a discount then they can continue to charge high premiums whether you're Bonds certified or not. We don’t think that is fair and we’ve been working hard to change that.

Over the last few weeks, Montana Central has been working to create the ultimate insurance plan exclusively for Bonds certified businesses. We've been working with some of the top insurance companies to show them the benefits of having a client like you, and we've successfully secured a pertinent discount through some of our greatest insurance providers.

Will I Get Less Coverage With This Discounted Insurance?

Absolutely not! That’s the great part about this discount. At Montana Central we believe that just because you’re getting a discount on your insurance premium, that doesn’t mean you should get less for it. With the discount we can offer you, you'll save all kinds of money on your commercial insurance premiums, and still get the full service and support you need for your business.

What Do I Have to Do to Get the Discounted Rate?

Well, not a lot. We've already worked out the details on our end. So now it's just a 3 step process for you:

  1. Contact one of our agents. (If you haven't worked with one of us in the past, then simply call our office line at: 1-888-500-8091. You will be assigned an agent who will walk through the process with you, be your special contact person, and follow up to make sure your needs are being met. Or, fill out the contact form at the top of this page and one of our qualified agents will contact you.)
  2. Show us your Bonds certificate as proof. Again, this discount is ONLY for Bonds certified businesses, so we need to see a little bit of proof from you.
  3. Let us help you determine the best policy at the best possible premium. You are under no obligation to us. If we can't save you money, you shouldn't work with us. But with the relationships we’ve established with some of the Nation’s top insurance companies, we’re confident we’ll be able to help you save money right away.